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Awesome dentist, she did my root canal and it was painless and quick. I was very impressed with how gentle she was with the process. Very personable too. Thankyou Dr. Vinieris!

Tara M.

Who likes a root canal? Eh, no one. My experience was great. She explained the procedure before and after and has a gentle touch.

Carole S.

Doctors who are fast, professional, friendly = hurray!

Annie B.

My mother was recommended by her general dentist to New City Endodontics for a root canal. When I called the office, the receptionist was very friendly and helpful, especially helping with my insurance questions. I was able to get my mom an appointment right away, when we got to the office the front desk staff was super friendly knowledgeable and professional.The office was very clean and her appointment with Dr. Vinieris and her assistant went very smoothly. I highly recommend this office to anyone in need of a root canal.

Jose A.

I have terrible teeth, a direct result of awful Dentists when I was young. Thus creating really bad dental anxiety. From the moment I called to make my appointment I was put at ease. Their main question was are you in pain? "Can the appointment wait until tomorrow where we can give you an appointment or do you want us to squeeze you in today?" I was able to wait for an appointment but I really appreciated that they were concerned about my pain. When I arrived I was greeted warmly and did not have to wait very long for my appointment. The dental assistant was great at easing my mind before Dr. Vinieris came in. When Dr. Vinieris came in she explained the procedure step by step. She is also awesome at blocking the tooth so I was not in pain. The tooth gave her a bit of trouble but she administered more Novocaine and I never felt a thing!!! She has amazing hands that are gentle and agile she was able to complete the root canal quickly and without pain. When I was finished the front desk went over any medications prescribed (and had already sent them to the pharmacy!!) as well as explaining in detail what to expect while the tooth healed. The also gave printed instructions and said to call if I needed anything.
Dr. Vinieris and her team are amazing from start to finish !! I have many root canals in my mouth and this was by far the best experience I have had. I have recommended her to my friends who all have had the same experience.
Again no one wants to have a root canal, but if you do you want to be in Dr. Vinieris care to have it done!

Susan K.

Dr Vinieris is a smart efficient and kind doctor with excellent bedside manner. She is amazing for people with dental anxiety. She also does an excellent job of blocking a tooth so you don't feel pain and adds more pain relief if you begin to feel discomfort. Doctor Vinieris also has gentle hands that are agile small and narrow. (much easier on the jaw and face due to less stretching) The use of a dental dam during the procedure also adds an additional level of mental comfort, in knowing that you won't accidentally choke on sharp tooth debris.

Holly D.

Absolutely amazing in every aspect. I was referred to Dr. Vinieris through my family dentist. I had a cavity form under an old crown and had to get a root canal. A short history of my background consists of 23 surgeries and a petroleum accident in 2002 that caused a nerve disorder. Everything affects me way different then regular healthy people.

For instance a common cold for the average person lays me out. My immune system is tanked and I have high toxicity of metals in my system. With that said, I have to be injected far more than the average person. Dr. Vinieris listened to my every need and was very attentive to what I was explaining to her.

She did the procedure and it was pain free. It took 3 weeks before I could chew on that side but again that is due to my preexisting conditions. my second visit was just as tough on me but she once again took care of me pain free. I cannot say enough about this practice and the professionalism and care that was given to me. I would recommend this office to anyone in need of Endodontic care.

Eric O.

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